A better W-2 workforce.

Bluecrew is a staffing platform that makes it easy to find and manage great hourly workers. Our technology gives you instant access to a pre-screened, 100% W-2 workforce and solutions that make staff management a breeze.

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A complete hourly staffing solution, backed by local support.

Bluecrew lets you post openings in seconds and easily manage your workforce. Through better technology and smarter recruiting, we attract high-quality workers that traditional staffing agencies can’t reach. And if issues pop up, our local Customer Success teams have your back.

Bluecrew handles everything.

  • Recruiting
  • Interviews
  • Background Checks
  • E-Verify
  • Onboarding
  • Scheduling
  • Time Tracking
  • Payroll + Benefits Administration
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We help leading organizations make staffing challenges a thing of the past.

We have tens of thousands of pre-qualified workers ready to go.

Customer Support
Customer Support
Data Entry
Data Entry

Manual selection vs Bluecrew’s technology

Workers who are matched with employers using our algorithm perform substantially better than manually selected workers. Want to learn more about how our technology makes better hiring decisions by predicting worker quality and reducing biases?

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Reduction in time to fill jobs
Reduction in bad-fits
Increase in employer satisfaction with workers

Match the right worker with the right job.

When you post a job, our algorithm instantly matches it with local, W-2 workers who are qualified, pre-screened, and ready to work. With Bluecrew, you can fill 95% of your openings with top workers in hours.

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A platform built to make great workers feel welcome.

We attract high-quality workers—people that old-school staffing agencies can’t reach. With modern recruiting methods and technology, we can quickly recruit and hire the best workers wherever our clients are located.

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Bluecrew empowers you to hire smarter and faster.

See how to hire better with Bluecrew


We give you a real-time view of job fill and worker performance. Instantly access profiles, rosters, time reports, performance data, and more.

We take the ? out of “Who’s showing up?”


We dramatically reduce job fill time by modernizing slow, traditional staffing practices. We know that to get the best workers, you have to hire fast.

95% of jobs are filled within hours on our platform.


We give you the tools to build your workforce. Dispatch jobs directly to workers, change hours on the fly, and create teams of your favorite Crew Members.

Bluecrew makes it easy to adapt to your business needs.


We provide data to optimize your hiring strategy. Measure the performance of your hourly workforce in real-time with our reporting dashboard.


With no up-front fees and pay-as-you-go pricing, you get a complete view of costs and the control to scale your workforce as you need.

The new mobile app from Bluecrew is completely changing how I approach staffing. I have the power to make adjustments and check who will be there right on my phone - wherever I am in the building! If other employers aren't using Bluecrew, they absolutely should.

Cafe Manager

When the technology is as good as Bluecrew’s is, there’s no excuse not to use it.

Dining Manager
University of Chicago

Bluecrew has been more successful than any other agency with filling positions. When we stumble, Bluecrew is there to pick us up.

Operations Manager
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Want the simplest, fastest way to hire your hourly workforce?

Bluecrew puts the power to see, hire, and manage pre-screened W-2 workers at your fingertips.

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Looking for a job that has it all?

We’ll match you with jobs that have top pay and great benefits. You pick work that fits your schedule.

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